My custom Adobe Lightroom Presets are now available for you to use on your own photos. The packages are all priced VERY LOW right now, starting at $30.



6 presets + 6 effects.............................$35/$40


4 presets


4 presets + 4 color gels.................................................$30/35


all 24 presets, 6 effects, 4 color gels..................$65 ($10 savings)

Keep scrolling for previews of the filters you'll receive in each package and info for purchase.


Includes 6 presets:

Autumn Romance: A peachy-toned layer adds a warm glow, while toned-down greens complement deep oranges and reds. Hazy and nostalgic, this filter brings out the romance in your photos.

Before After

Models: Devon Williams (NXT Agency), Logan Barnes, HMUA by Hailey Shipman (Suite Remedy), flower crown handmade by me. Full set available in Gallery.

Layover in LAX: Jet-setter-ready preset for quick portrait editing with luminous skin and hair. One of my workhorse presets.

Before After

Model Chloe Doyle. Full set available in Gallery.

Easy-Like-Sunday-Morning: Mornings sleeping in sun-soaked linens and brunch at home are the mood these light, airy colors bring to mind.

Before After

Model: Kristen Bown and Oscar. Full set available in gallery.

Coffee Tones: Warm, chocolatey coffee tones add instant nostalgia and "old postcard" feels.

Before After

In frame: Mom Kala and Naya.

Mountains are Calling: ...and I must photograph them! Add definition to landscape features and make colors in naturescapes more dynamic with this preset. Also great on ducks!

Before After

Champagne at 3: If you've ever gone to ski/snowboard at Beavercreek, you may have gone for an apres-ski champagne toast at 3pm at the Charter - totally free along with the cookies they pass out! This filter is great making wintery scenes appear less frigid and more inviting.

Before After

Model: Hannah.. Full set available in Gallery.

BNW PACKAGE (Black and White)

Includes 4 presets:

BNW Romance: A high contrast, desaturated filter transforms mediocre pictures into dynamic artwork, and heavy shadows leave something to the imagination.

Before After

BNW Dreamstate: A luminous, dark filter that turns senior portraits into an album cover.

Before /After

Model/MUA Bailey. Full set available in Gallery.

BNW Details: A sharpened desaturated filter is great for subject matter with leading lines and angles.

Before After

Model: Andrea Pavlovic. Full set available in Gallery.

BNW Light: Play with light and shadow using this ethereal version of a black-and-white filter.

Before After

Model: Devon Williams (NXT Agency), HMUA by Hailey Shipman (Suite Remedy), flower crown handmade by me. Full set available in Gallery.